Precious Memories

The more I work with clients to remake / remodel / recycle / revamp etc their unworn heirlooms. The more I realise these pieces are so much more than old bits of jewellery in a drawer.

Each item tells a story, an important marker in a persons life. Each celebrating an engagement, a wedding, a child, a special anniversary, something to remember a loved and lost one by. Each piece a precious memory in its own right.

This particular ring had been mum’s engagement ring. It had been loved and worn, and worn and loved until it had practically worn out…


BEFORE… One poorly Ring!
As you can see from the above, the detailing had worn on the top around the diamond and rubbed away and rounded off over time. The band itself being gold is a much softer metal, the band had merely rubbed away where worn against a wedding band over numerous years.

Only wearing white metals or silver platinum and white gold. The owner of this poorly ring did not want to create a new ring. So we recreated the ring as it would’ve been back in the early 1900’s. Made in all Platinum kept it in the same format as the existing setting tops creating not just a very pretty period piece but a  very precious memory for the heirloom of the future!


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