Three Carats!!

If ever there was a reminder of the Two Ronnies “Fork handles? Four candles?” sketch… This is the one! It puts a smile on my face every time I think about it!..

So… she had always joked about a 3ct diamond ring. So to her suprise, when her future husband went down on blended knee with a fuzzy felt oversized carrot ring, the great British beer festival crowd went wild. 

Worried about the durability for everyday wear,  the commission brief was to design a ring “recycling”  diamonds from inherited rings to sit against mums wedding band, which was to be used as her future wedding ring.

The idea to then be lead by the inspiration of the fuzzy felt grew too strong. My creative juices started to overflow. The thoughts of vivid natural fancy carrot orange, carrot shaped sapphires interspersed to create a true one-of-a-kind ring…

Oranges highlighted by rose gold with diamonds and white gold foliage scattered around the “3 carrots” fine bezel settings around the diamonds made them super secure, neat and smooth to the touch. Perfect for a hands on job!

The result… A mouthwatering three carrot ring!!


2 comments on “Three Carats!!

  1. At least you didn’t call me a cheapskate for the original felt candles. Your design was brilliant and is still a great talking point when people stop to admire it. Frank Howarth


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