Three Into One

“Do you redesign jewellery?” Is becoming a more commonly asked question.

Of course, there’s nothing I love more than the challenge of being given an unknown quantity of pre-loved jewels. Taking them back to the bare bones and making something wonderful with them.

In this case the starting point…

three rings redesign
Gosh, the possibilities are endless…

Ring? Earrings? Pendant? Brooch? Necklace? Single item? Matching set? Suite of jewellery?

Who for? Why? What for? Metal? Budget? Other gems? And how long have I got?

“You are the designer!” Is usually the phrase that is batted back…So how long is a piece of string?

Not in this case, single ring, white metal not yellow to update the look. Update the look and get away from the 3 ring format.

After trying a range of clusters, halos, right hand rings etc we decided on a modern halo cluster for a wow effect…

The design was admired and so to making…


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