“Stuck In A Drawer!!”

A lovely couple presented me with a brooch.

It had been her mother-in-laws engagement ring. She had inherited it and never worn it, as she owned a gorgeous one hubby had made for her.

“It’s just stuck in a drawer!” She exclaimed. It turns out all the broken and unwanted bits and bobs had either been thrown in the bin or gone to a charity shop. She was unsure of its value, so had decided not to send this one.

Back in the 80’s it had been uncoiled from a ring and stretched out crudely to form a bar brooch.

bar brooch before
Original Bar Brooch For Re-Design
She pulled out this sad looking strand of gold from her handbag with THE biggest diamond!

“Can you just turn it back to a ring because I never wear it as it is?”

Unfortunately it was not going to be that simple. The multitude of bad solder joins and unstable nature of the setting just would not cope with the additional heat and pushing and pulling needed.

I took to the drawing board…

Asking the question of value, she had no idea. After all, it had only just scraped through a trip to the charity shop!! Once the actual value had been accertained, her husband decided a re-design was the only way forwards. Baguette diamonds were added to the sides to create a Trilogy ring. It seemed only right that this piece would now represent the past, present and also the future, as an heirloom piece to carry on through the generations as it had to them.

After all it’s too nice to be just “stuck in a drawer”!

Stuck in a drawer diamond ring

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