Blue Tourmaline – The Mixed Teal Bubble

Re-design work is something I do quite a lot….. But this was a re-design with a difference!…

My lovely lady had made an appointment to re-design some inherited pieces which were never worn.

As luck would have it these precious heirlooms had been stolen and she was now having to re-design with the gemstones and starting from scratch.

teal inspiration
Inspiration Board
This style of “mood board” is a great way to start a project. It tells me what you love, the styles, the metals, the colours. It gives me a glimpse inside your mind!! Basically, if I’m going to create the perfect ring I need a pretty good idea what makes (and doesn’t) make you tick. Being as brutally honest as she could she talked me through the likes and dislikes of all the above.

It became apparent, that the love of rub over setting, yellow gold and Teal featured quite strongly! Wanting to complement existing jewellery.

A popular choice of inspiration for many a re-design, this scatter design lends itself perfectly to different shapes, sizes and colours of gemstones. 

I would LOVE a Blue Tourmaline, ideally the THIS COLOUR she said pointing to the inspiration sheet. No problem!!

Matching her engagement ring with the sapphires and introduction of Aquamarines and several other Mixed Teals of various intensities, we created a true “One of a kind” ring.

The Mixed Teal Bubble was born…

teal bubble
The Teal Bubble Finished Ring
Teal bubble upside down angle
The Mixed Teal Ring Complete


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