The Mini-Mega Ring

For anyone that hasn’t seen “The Mega Ring”. It is fairly clear when you see it why!!…

The Mega ring is a real wow piece, created from waves of baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, it towers with Bling and is certainly not for the faint hearted!

The Original Mega

The Mega Ring

A lovely couple had tried the Mega Ring and it looked amazing! The only problem was she wanted to wear it as an every-day right hand ring. As beautiful as it was, I certainly would not wear it to the gym or for gardening! So she needed a much more durable piece, not quite as cumbersome.
I worked on slimming the width of the band and enhanced the curves around the natural curves of the joints etc. The metal was up-graded to Platinum for strength and a full double row of gems was removed to make it more wearable. The diamonds stopped at the sides of the ring so it could slim with ease around the back of the finger for comfort .

The Mini-Mega Ring


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