Memorial Diamonds

So for those who have never heard of memorial diamonds, um where do I start…

Memorial Diamonds are created using the ashes or hair from your loved one.

I have heard of family, partners and even animals going through this process. These diamonds can then be made into a piece of jewellery which is where this story starts…

Mum wanted each of her three girls to have a piece of jewellery to remember their late father by. Each went through the design process, each ending with a unique piece of jewellery in its own right.

These rings however were to be slightly more special as each was to hold a memorial diamond from their father.

The first daughter wanted a yellow gold flatter squarer band with her diamond, flush set into a polished groove within a satin finish band.

memorial diamonds 1
Single flush set memorial diamond in fine band
The second daughter wanted to sit the memorial diamond against a matching size and cut Aquamarine to represent the birthstone for March.The rough textured finish contrasts with the sparkle of the gemstones.

memorial ring aqua and yellow diamond ring
Memorial diamond to sit with Aquamarine Birthstone
The third daughter wanted a solitaire ring in a smooth bezel setting so more of the gold supports the diamond. The finish of the band is textured to contrast with the polished finish of the setting and sparkle of the diamond.

memorial ring sol
Memorial diamond solitaire ring
Inside each of the rings, the girls had inscribed “Non Omnis Moriar” which literally translates as “I shall not wholly die”, a phrase very fitting for such a tribute to their father in these truly memorable rings.



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