Grand Designs

When someone asks me if I can make cuff-links, this is not necessarily what I had in mind… A to scale replica of a Grade II listed Georgian property ( & not just any property!!) which was being completely stripped back and renovated. A real life Grand Design!

Grand design comission brief
The Brief…
The cuff-links were to be a Christmas present to the ‘Lord of the Manor’ shall we say, of the renovation project “Grand Design”, of a positively stunning Hall.

Original hall photo.png
The Original Photo Of the Hall

This listed building had been a site of a monastery back in the 12th Century. Renovation work had been undertaken back in the mid-1900’s but not in keeping to the original ideal. It was to be completely stripped back however to its original format. This made the design process tricky. The renovation work was still under way and there were no completed images to work from. A combination of Architects plans and original photographs were used to get the look and scale just right. The measurements were in putted so a CAD design could be realised.

Then was the choice of precious metal…

Grand designs white cad
Choices, choices… Platinum? White Gold?…
Grand designs yellow cad
Or Yellow Gold?
The miniature Halls were then created in precious metal, finished and clients choice cuff-link fittings attached.

Grand designs in the making.png
In The Making
And then sent to Father Christmas to be beautifully gift wrapped and delivered Christmas morning!!


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