Rolex Ring

“Do Rolex make jewellery?”

Unfortunately not, Rolex only make watches. There are “Rolex Style” rings available but not by Rolex.

‘cos I’m after a ring to go with my Day-Date Watch (The gentleman had purchased a Date-Just in 18ct White Gold with a fluted bezel and president bracelet), I’ve checked on-line and they’re all really tacky’.

Rolex watch
Rolex Date-Just Belonging To Client
I started by breaking down what “Mr Rolex Ring” loved about the design of his watch. He loved the diamonds and the white gold and loved the squared edges that the baguette cut diamonds added at the six and nine. He was not keen on the fluted finish to some on-line rings and preferred a smoother flatter look. The addition of pave set diamonds for the sparkle on the top section (head) of the ring.

Pave Set “Rolex” Inspired Ring
Mr Rolex Ring also loved the weight of the bracelet and the roundness of the president links. I started with a heavy tapered band so the weight was on the front top, then slimmed it down for wear-ability. The rounded nature of the three rows of links were then applied to the bump head tapering in depth ’til they smoothed into the back of the band.

“Rolex” Inspired Ring
Finally, the budget was increased to allow for the crisp square addition of the larger single Princess cut diamond as opposed to the finer smaller diamonds. Thus creating the “Rolex” Inspired Ring!

Princess cut diamond Rolex Ring
Princess Cut Diamond Gent’s “Rolex” Inspired Ring

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