Dads Wedding Ring

“I’m wanting a ring for my daughters 18th Birthday and she loves one ring in-particular, but it is way out of budget….”

The ladies daughter had seen a ring in a jewellers not dissimilar to the one shown below, she showed me a quick photo on her phone.

initial inspiration.png
Trilogy Natural Yellow Diamond Ring

She did have her husbands wedding band, he had unfortunately passed away tragically and it had great sentimental value. The ring itself was a three colour twist band with rounded edges.

dads wedding ring 3col before
Dad’s Wedding Ring
Her daughter loved the rich yellow colour of the Trilogy ring and the square shape of the centre stone. She loved the combination of metals and gemstones with the yellow and white. The Trilogy idea was also special as it is an idea used to celebrate the past, the present and the future.

One option was to melt her dad’s ring down and re-use the gold for the band.

We looked at options of coloured diamonds and that was the part which was out of budget.

I mocked up an initial design for the following appointment. Options of using combinations of diamonds, white sapphires, yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires and golden topaz depending on the final costings were discussed along with the size, cut and colours of the gemstones.

It was agreed that a natural golden topaz was the perfect colour and price for the job.

Dads ring yellow diamond idea
Initial Trilogy Idea
She loved the idea, but still wanted to use Dad’s Wedding Ring as the actual band. (The idea being that the matching band would go to the other sibling for their special birthday). The result was very well received and what better way to celebrate her Dad’s memory and an 18th birthday.

Dads wedding ring 3col after
The final version of Dad’s Ring

A very special commission indeed.


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