Otter Ring

A ring design perfect for an Otter lover…

The brief was to “capture the character of the Otter cub, laying on its back holding a heart as it would do holding a fish…”

The design was to be created as a stand alone ring in yellow gold, the heart was to be a rich blue/green aquamarine heart shaped gemstone, the colour of which had been matched to an existing gemstone.

It took many studies of “Otters” to decipher how I could get it to look cute and otter-like and also a fully functioning forever ring. The details were in-putted into the CAD system in order to create the three dimensional appearance and gauge weights etc. It was important to highlight the whiskers and detailing on the tail. His paws were fairly problematic trying to not let them look too humanistic, yet support the gemstone adequately enough. A bezel setting for the aqua was agreed on finally .

Otter cad
If you like it then you “Otter” put a ring on it!!

Once the CAD image had been viewed, it was then a labour of love getting this little guy to come to life in time for the big event!


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