Black Princess Cut Diamond Ring

“All the Black Diamonds I can find are all round!..

Do they make them in squares because I’ve always wanted a black diamond, but I’m not keen on the Brilliant cuts!”

Black diamonds are found in Princess cuts but are more commonly found in the round brilliant format, it took a while but I found one, it came all the way over from New York but her wish was my command!!

I found in doing this, that coloured diamonds do tend to look smaller (the carat of a diamond is not a quality, nor is it the size… it is purely the weight).

The reason they look smaller is that in a white diamond the trick is to look colourless and sparkle so it relies on the facet structure to reflect the light like a prism. therefore the slimmer the depth the less colour it holds…. are you following me so far? In colours they cut them deeper, this intensifies the colour and therefore increases the desirability. Black diamonds unlike white diamonds because of the depth and intensity of colour do not have the same sparkle factor thus giving a completely different look.

Princess cut white diamond
Princess cut black diamond

Once we had decided on the design, over a glass of champagne and trying loads of diamond rings! (I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon!)

The brief was to create a fine, bead set, white diamond band (which gives the illusion of a fine band of sparkle) upon which the black diamond stands.

After viewing an existing design, Black diamond lady loved the attention to detail on the side of the setting (the feature diamond).

Black diamond ring front
Black diamond side view
Black diamond ring angle

After hearing the Ruby story ‘Black Diamond Lady’ decided to incorporate a ‘Pearl’ into the side of the setting after a very dear friend of the fur variety. Pearl was grey!

‘Grey Pearl’

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