One Like My Friends Ring

“My friend has a ring and I was wondering what to do with all these old pieces? 

Could I combine them into one ring like this?…”

The photograph pulled out of her hand bag, looked like a selection of various stacking style rings. These stacking rings featured a selection of various cuts and shapes of gemstones. The ‘old pieces’ were a selection of various cuts and shapes of Aquamarine. These pieces of Aquamarine were all random odd earrings, gemstones from rings missing diamonds and other pieces no longer worn/broken.

Friends ring photograph

Instead of a stacking style ring, my Aqua lady wanted a right hand ring. A haphazard scatter style of bezel settings not dissimilar to a “rain dance” style.

The smooth bezel settings would make it a little more durable for her right hand and also allow the design to flow. The band of the ring was to slim down towards the back for ease of wear.

Initial sketch of the aqua ring

Hours of setting out the lose gemstones and switching the layout around so they became more pleasing on the eye was a task in itself.

Once decided and agreed, the design was put into CAD to create a three dimensional visual photo style render. This removed any casts of doubt and helped with the visualisation process for the Aqua Lady.

Cad design

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