I Can See Your Halo, Halo, Halo…!!

“I have my mum’s ring, I was hoping to give it to my girlfriend as an engagement ring, but she wants something completely different…”

Original ring
Mums original three stone engagement ring
The gentleman pulled out a sheet which his girl friend (soon to be fiancee) had put together with design ideas.

brief of 3 st to halo
The hint sheet
Looking at the designs she loved we put together a tick list…

Rose gold


‘Halo’ style

Vintage look

All diamond

Fine Diamond band

We chose the central largest diamond to then re-work into a new engagement ring. The ‘halo’ and band were to be formed in 18ct rose gold and smaller brilliant cut bead set diamonds added the extra sparkle. All the measurements were finalised…


3st to halo to cad
Halo in CAD
The computer rendered the photo style design from the information put in…

3 st to halo cad views
The final ‘halo’ design

Once the design had been given the green light, I put the ‘halo ring’ into production…

3st to halo before central diamond
The halo ring without mums diamond
Then mums diamond was added last but not least…

3st to halo done

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