Spare Earring

Mums odd earring

“What can you make from this…?” As she pulled out a spare earring.

mums earring
Mums odd earring
She told me she had just lost her mum and was going through her things. She found a pair of earrings her mum used to wear all the time but now the treasured pair of earrings was now a single lonely ‘spare earring’!

I explained that we could melt the gold down and then re-use and re-work the gold into just about anything.

That was great but the sentimental value was with remembering the design being worn by mum. We agreed that if she loved the design as it was then don’t change it.

I simply made it into a wearable pendant with a strong enough gold loop for everyday wear on a smooth chain that won’t snag.

Now it is so much more than a ‘spare earring!’

Pendant complete
New pendant!

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