For All Eternity

With their 40 year Wedding Anniversary looming, Mrs Ruby Wedding was already happy with all the jewellery she possessed, but she did fancy a re-vamp!…

One idea was to repair and refurbish her existing ring, which to be fair, had seen better days. The claws were worn and some had been repaired several times.

et before
Original eternity ring

The original was also in white gold which was proving to need far more maintenance than hoped. The ring itself was pretty but did not sit perfectly against her existing rings (to someone a bit OCD like me!) The fact it kept needing to be re-tipped on the claws and the shank itself was the jewellery equivalent to “Triggers broom” meant it was time for a major overhaul.

The Eternity ring format was to be kept the same, measuring her existing rings, we thickened the band so it sat flush to complement her existing suite. More substantial claws were created but less of them, squaring them off created a more modern feel.

Mr Ruby Wedding seemed a little disappointed that she did not want a Ruby, she did love them but all her other jewellery was diamond so wanted to stick with it.

The design was finalised, the ring was made, the platinum forged, the diamonds re-furbished and the final finishing touches added.

The day of the appointment arrived and all was perfect with the ring, Mr & Mrs Ruby Wedding loved every aspect and it fit like a…. perfectly fitting eternity ring. I asked her to remove it as I had a little anniversary gift for them, just from me…

I had added a perfect Ruby just inside the band (not on show to detract from her diamonds, but a memento of 40 years together).


et after


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