Lost Diamond

“I have lost a diamond from my engagement ring” said the lady with a sombre expression on her face.

After closer inspection, it appeared the bottom claw had snapped off.

“Will you be claiming on your insurance?” I enquired.

“Yes, but I don’t really want to replace the diamond” she said hurriedly.

It transpired that she had had suffered a loss at the same time the diamond had disappeared and it was a sign that it was not meant to be.

trilogy before
Trilogy Ring With Missing Diamond

It appeared that the setting was in white gold, it seemed odd that the band was Platinum and the head white? I asked if she was aware. She was and had always found it odd. When they originally saw the ring she fell in love with it had a yellow gold band, she said she would  like it, but would prefer Platinum to yellow gold (that is all they did, swapped the band and left the white gold setting).

When it came round to working on the ring, it was decided that the smaller diamond would be transformed into a solitaire pendant, the setting in white and yellow loop and chain.

pendant complete
Solitaire Diamond Pendant

The larger diamond was to be set in a much more secure bezel setting in all Platinum and her existing Wedding Ring adjusted to match perfectly.

pair angle done
Solitaire ALL Platinum Diamond Ring

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