The Scouts Woggle

The quality of craftsmanship employed by some “bespoke” jewellers often leaves a lot to be desired. This particular commission left more than a lot …

This particular commission had already been completed by a local bespoke jeweller. The brief was to use an inherited ruby ring along with other diamond rings to create one right hand ring. It was suggested that the rubies took centre stage. Diamonds were then used to edge the design. A simple idea, but when the diamonds and rubies were varied sizes, this was not quite what they had envisioned!

The scouts woggle!

The original ruby ring had been sandwiched between two rows of diamonds. She was horrified by the sheer size and clumsyness of the piece. 

On closer inspection it became apparent that this had not even been made as a “brand new design” which is how it had been sold. The ring looked like three desperate rings badly joined together. Each of the bands at the back was a different colour gold.

Back view of the woggle

Then the real truth behind the “bespoke design” was realised. The “designer” had taken three wedding rings, one of which still had the original inscription from its previous owner engraved inside. Mass produced settings had been crudely soldered to the top and then show-horned the diamonds in. There were even gaps in between the rings where solder had missed the spot.

Internal view of the woggle

The ring had been named the “scouts woggle” and the owner was so ashamed of her purchase, a remedy was needed and quickly. 

The ring needed to sit alondside existing yellow gold jewellery but Platinum was chosen as a choice of setting. The “Dubai look” was not a look of choice for this piece. Something more tasteful, more refined and less glitzy was needed. 

The rubies took the central focus, slimming around the finger and using the different sizes of diamonds to enhance the overall design.

New improved design

Once the design had been completed, the gemstones were painstakingly removed so not to damage them and the ring was reset, giving it a new much more elegant lease of life. In a brand new, one of a kind completely bespoke ring, by a real designer!

Not a woggle in sight!

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