Mums Pearls

“What in earth should I do with mums pearls?…”

I do like pearls but just not like this!

Mums pearls
Mums pearls

The pearls were a beautiful two row set of fine cultured pearls with a super lustre. They had been mums pride and joy but the two rows and tapering design were just “so Mum”.

Just what was possible? In order to update the look I put together a range of mood board with variations on several themes possible..,

Some ideas boards showing examples were put together…

Design board

1. A design which can be altered in length, essentially two necklaces in one.

2. Two sections which can be assembled, with or without a decorative pendant or feature clasp.

3. A modern take on a single length.

The decision was made to create a single length of pearls which could be worn long or short and with or without a feature pendant which should make use of all the pearls available.

The next decision was, white or yellow gold?

Yellow gold was the dominant material of choice in her bridal jewellery although as her tastes had changed over time. Silver and white gold had become favoured but this particular idea was going to bring it altogether.

Different combinations were put together.

White with a two colour twist spacer

Two colour twist design to match existing wedding ring
Predominantly white with yellow gold interspersed


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