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Inspiredjewelleryblog on WordPress is a sneaky peek into a day in the life of bespoke Jeweller Victoria Whiteley. Following ideas to conception, case by case, both for corporate clients, in house jewellers collections and truly unique, one of a kind heirlooms.


About The Blogger


Having worked for nearly 20 years in the Jewellery industry, Victoria Whiteley is an accomplished designer with a passion for beautiful jewellery and gemstones.
Victoria has been at the forefront of bespoke jewellery design service.

Victoria studied jewellery design as a specialism for six years. Gaining an honours degree in Jewellery and silver-smithing at the world’s leading school of jewellery in Birmingham. She worked alongside some of the top jewellers at the bench and in a consulting capacity before establishing a base for her design and consultancy studio in Sheffield. Victoria went on to win numerous awards including the British Jewellers Association award for innovative design. Victoria exhibited her conceptual designs world wide and worked on commissioned projects for private clients and television along with many varied charity commissions.

Victoria has always had a passion for jewellery and design. She combines this with her technical knowledge of manufacturing jewellery to create not only beautiful in house collections for leading jewellers but one off designs for the more discerning client, including re-designs of family heirlooms. Every piece of jewellery Victoria designs is unique in its own way with its own story, Victoria believes “Jewellery is not just a collection of wearable precious metal and gemstones. Each piece marks an important milestone in your life which follows you on your journey and is then passed on through the generations”.